Our entire team is dedicated to making your experience comfortable with advanced, proven technology in a professional environment. We pride ourselves on providing personalized dental education based on your exams to help you make informed decisions about your oral health. Our office is pleased to offer alternatives to braces in the form of clear aligners, which will discreetly even out your smile. Good oral health begins with proper hygiene. Our hygienist can help you take steps toward a healthy hygiene plan that you can follow at home while providing preventative treatments and assessing your mouth's condition. Our periodontics specialist works primarily with gum tissue and treating gum disease, which can include implant placement. The oral surgeon specializes in wisdom tooth extractions, while our hygienist works with our dentist to examine and provide preventative treatments to ensure your oral health is in top standing. Lindenwood Dentistry performs general dentistry, such as cavity fillings, dental crowns, cleanings, and root canal treatments. Visit our office to learn how we can help you achieve your oral health care goals.